The Humble Custard Cream

If you were buying biscuits or cookies for a party you would buy the more exotic chocolate and mixed fruit granola cookies or whatever looks nicest. Before such luxuries and witcheries were available we had the humble custard cream, it’s chocolate brother the bourbon and if you were lucky some coconut ‘nice’ biscuits which are still a great treat to me to this day. Nowadays this classic combination is confined to the cheap ‘party pack’ end of the shelves. Making occasional comebacks through the bakery as ‘giant’ biscuits of course not a patch on the original prepackaged version. I was at a friend’s house recently and they had custard creams as their biscuit of choice and coming home today I realise that we are also working our way through a packet of the local supermarkets ‘chosen’ range. It’s strange to think what we eat ourselves and what we give to other people to eat are two completely different things. So next time it’s your turn to bring the biscuits remember the old classics!
Source: The Humble Custard Cream

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