An Ebru Work

There are several marbling techniques which have been used by various artist over the generations. One particular technique is called ebru, it is a traditional Turkish form of painting which involves layering the paint on-top of the water, there are also various thickeners which can be used to aid the process. Once the paint is ‘floating’ the artist lays the paper on top and the pattern is transferred. The number of different results achieved is infinite and patterns can be teased and formed using paint brushes to blend and arrange the colours before they are transferred. It would be easy to write-off this technique as childsplay because of its simplicity but to be truthful the patterns and effects take a little more skill than just adding paint to water and layering the paper over the top.This particular piece was commissioned as part of a collaboration project between Luke MargettsĀ and I. The purpose being to improve his technique and for me to rebrand my blog on wordpress. I wanted something truly unique and we took inspiration from the local ‘mendip potato stone’ which is a form of agate. The colours are truly amazing as you can see. The results as you can see above are uncanny, it is difficult to match such a complex structure perfectly but the colour combinations bring out the magic of this little known stone.
Source: An Ebru Work

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