My First Recipe Book

When I started working on “Sharing Food – Something for Everyone” I wanted to be involved in the whole process, from writing it to printing it, but as I learnt that’s not 100% possible as more often than not a third party printers is involved because of resources available. 10 years ago its safe to say that self-publishing was quite laborious and fairly risky – what if you end up with hundreds of copies of your own book? It is proof that we can be determined enough to take that risk. Nowadays the process is much easier, using Amazon’s Createspace or other such platforms for styling and printing your book on demand. There are of course issues with this system too – some question the service levels – wouldn’t you rather be able to go and see the person who was printing your books? Practicality dictates however that this is not always an available option. Having now been through the process I would say there are now elements I would prefer to get the assistance of someone with far more experience than I.

You can sit and debate the business aspects of selling a book but really it is about what works for you. Would you prefer to handover the process and let someone else guide you through the project or would you like to be involved every step of the way? Budget also plays an important part but it should not stop you from achieving your dreams – if you want it find a way of getting it. There are grants and funding options available for writers – check out the latest through Google or social media.

The sense of achievement I felt when the first print of my book came was incredible, even though I had seen it 100 times electronically I hadn’t been able to touch it or feel it, the excitement and the knowledge I had achieved my goal!

If you might be interested in purchasing or downloading a sample of my book I have included links below.

Amazon – https://goo.gl/5EkLnp
iBooks – https://goo.gl/7d8Pk5


If you would like to grab a copy of my book and support my writing it is available in both print and kindle version check out the links below. Donate to your favourite charity when you buy my book using Amazon Smile!


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