Mint Mocha Choc Chip part 5 of the Trilogy

Mrs Phelps looked on at the girls they were doing well although Lucy was a hard nut to crack her blind terror and determination meant that it was difficult to break the shell of her psyche but Amelia on the other hand submitted straight away, the men were as she expected their fight or flight instinct being coloured by their desire to protect their fellow team mates regardless of their emotional distance normally. She could see the cracks in the emotional bonds which held their team together, although the men were trying in some sense to save the women the ‘team’ as it were was no more, it became as if four random people had been brought together in a horrible situation.


They begun to cling to each other, both Henry and David stuck unable to move. “We must think of something” they both whispered simultaneously and then jumped apart in an attempt to gain composure, they looked around the room again checking to see if there was any kind of escape route, but there was nothing, “Wait!” Henry said “the phone…it laughed at us but surely we can use it to call for help?” David looked down at the phone as if it were some kind of bomb waiting to explode “Ugh i guess so, anythings worth a try.” After a minute or so Henry broke his stare, he snatched up the receiver on the table clasping it to his ear opened his mouth and stopped.
The girls were still separate in the large room they had stumbled into after the bust in the hallway, Lucy unable to gain any sense from Amelia who was still fully under the influence of the gem, has begun to wander unsuccessfully round to find some way of escape. Amelia looked withdrawn, eyes blank and skin pale she was staring at her hands with a look of disbelief, she had been like it for about 15 minutes now. Not that Lucy had seen as the lighting had not exactly helped the situation although her eyes had started to adjust to the low light and was starting to see some shapes more clearly. They continued to feel their way round their respective sides of the room Lucy looking for a way out and Amelia exploring the warped environment she had entered under the influence of the mind controlled state she was in.
In fact it was not literally mind control it was a fuge state which was caused by her shock during the team building exercise. 
Henry stood still a look of utter terror on his face, David stared at Henry with a look of confusion he had not heard the noise he had only witnessed the reaction as Henry put the receiver to his ear. “What happened?” asked David, who really wasn’t sure whether he wanted to know the answer to the question. “That voice…I heard it again…it just laughed again and called me a fool..” Henry looked crestfallen what were they to do if they couldn’t call for help? David was reeling with confusion with all the problems he could see how the team would manage to pull this together, maybe they weren’t as good as they thought they were after all.
This is of course what the consultants wanted them to think, its obvious that in a universe where every ending is a happy one they would manage to sort everything out and rescue the girls…but this is not that kind of universe.
Lucy began to wonder how long they had been stuck in this room, she cast an eye round the room to see what Amelia was doing, she was kneeling down still staring around the room as she had been when Lucy last looked. Lucy fumbled for her phone maybe that would give her a clue? The handset just went blank when she pressed the power button. ‘bugger’ she muttered ‘I wonder how that happened’ she thought to herself she was sure it had full charge when she had left the house that afternoon, it seemed odd that the power had drained to quickly, she could always check tomorrow when the team building was over. Then she heard a scream she flinched and swirled round to see Amelia standing covered in blood but looking around there was no one else there.

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