Mint Mocha Choc Chip Part 4 of the Trilogy

The CCTV camera screens flickered intermittently the operative in charge of the screens had decided a smoke and a nap would be more productive, it was 8pm how much drama could there be? They had barely started the evenings activities so he figured they wouldn’t notice.
Elsewhere in the house all manner of things were unfolding. Mrs Phelps had also been watching with interest on a separate set of CCTV camera screens and it amused her to see how things were developing.
David and Henry had now found what they thought was the dining room in which they were to be briefed, in truth they were in an observation room and will remain there until the Amelia and Lucy joined them. In the corner of the room was a small screen showing a camera attached to a silent drone which was following the girls. It took a moment for David and Henry to realise what was going on and suddenly the thought dawned on them, what if something happened they had no way of helping they were helpless. Amelia was at that moment entranced by the bust on the table unable to break her stare even though she knew that she needed to, there was a gust of wind which washed over her like a warm summer breeze, then everything stopped. The silence rang through the house deafening to both Lucy and Amelia, a stark contrast to the almost enjoyable breeze just moments ago. They looked at each other and shivered, it was dark, the gust of wind had blown the candles out down the hall leaving them to scrabble for their mobiles for a light. Amelia managed hers first and gasped as she saw the bust had grown in size and had crushed the table it stood on into fire wood. Then they heard a dripping sound, a single droplet of water falling every few moments just loud enough to alert anyone who might be near. It made Lucy wince, one because she hated the sound of dripping taps but also because she needed the loo; Amelia on the other hand was trying ineffectually to remain calm and collected about the whole situation, this would have worked if she wasn’t the one standing so close to the dripping water, looking up into the rafters it wasn’t clear were the water was coming from but she was pretty sure she didn’t really want to find out.
There was a long pause and then Lucy’s voice came trembling from the dim lighting behind Amelia “what on earth are we going to do now?” There was a clattering somewhere in the distance, she hoped she had imagined it because otherwise that meant that they weren’t the only ones in the room, although she thought they would have at least seen the other two by now, she had assumed they were safe but after what just happened her anxiety levels shot through the roof. She quickly thought back but couldn’t remember anything from the past hour, she wondered what the hell was going on whilst fumbling for her mobile to turn on the torch and shone it around her, she just caught a glimpse of Amelia who was about 10ft away from her before the light died along with her battery. Panicked by the dark Lucy called out to Amelia in the dark, “Amelia are you ok?” There was no answer, surely she had heard her she was only a few feet away.
Drip Drip
She heard it again only this time it was different, there was a buzz and a tingle each time it dropped. The atmosphere felt electric almost fully-charged some might say.
Amelia was frozen, she couldn’t move for fright, the bravado she had affected earlier had weakened and died, this was too much for her now the atmosphere thick and soupy as she tried to move her arms and legs, she thought she heard something…someone calling her name maybe? She looked but she couldn’t see anyone around her. Why was she here? Who brought her to this place? She couldn’t remember the last few hours had been erased and something was different, she felt like her body wasn’t her own somehow.
Drip Drip
Henry and David looked on at the small screen wishing that they could think of a way out to rescue them, they looked at each other desperate with fear “what are we going to do?” Babbled David horrified at what he saw. Henry cast around for some kind of inspirational plan to save the day but all he saw was a table and a terrified David.
Then they noticed the speakerphone on the table silent and unrelenting then they hear a laugh it wasn’t loud but it wasn’t a pleasant one like that of an innocent child, it was mocking derogatory in its tone. Both of them jumped in alarm and looked at each other “where the hell did that come from?” Whispered David, Henry rolled his eyes “the speakerphone duh!” “Yes I know that but it must be somewhere in the house” said David “true but with the internet nowadays you can be anywhere in the world and still taunt people” replied Henry. Defeated by the argument David looked around in the hope of an escape route but nothing came to his immediate attention, he sighed and looked at Henry who had started to eye up the table as a booster to get to the chimney duct, one o f the only truly possible ways of escaping this room. The door they had come in seemed to have disappeared.

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