Mint Mocha Choc Chip Part 2

They all traipsed upstairs, wet and covered in mud.
Amelia Dawson cursed the decision to have a ‘team building’ exercise, but management insisted after the ‘magical’ consultant had said that they needed to work together better; she thought they worked well together but what was she to know? If she had her way they would have been doing something far less bizarre than spending a night solving a mystery in some gothic mansion in the countryside.
Henry Gibbon winced as he started up the stairs, his old rugby injury had been playing him up since the weather changed the day before. The bag he had packed for this weekend was starting to feel rather heavy despite the lack of things in there. His thoughts turned to the ‘team building’ he had been roped into by work, it was frustrating to think that the consultants had concerns with the way they worked, he understood that there may be room for improvement but would rather it be less extreme than this. Still he hoped there would be a warm bed at least to get some sleep in.
Lucy Peppermint followed the two in front of her, lost in the architecture of the building and its dramatic gothic interior; the wall hangings were floor to ceiling and the gargoyles glared menacingly from the rafters. Oddly she was quite looking forward to this evening, although it was not anything she would normally do but recently she had taken the decision to try new things; she only hoped that this wasn’t a step too far.
David Large brought up the rear of the party as the manager of the team he felt it best to hang back to see how they respond to the start of the exercise, although little did they know that it had started the moment the consultants had arrived. Watching them had been interesting, and no doubt there would be changes after this ‘team building’ but the result was anyones guess at that moment.
Mrs Phelps watched them climb the stairs with interest, the weather had been unfortunately appropriate in adding to the atmosphere for this evening. The wheels had been set in motion the task started now.
You may be wondering what the hell is going on by now? The gothic mansion, the team building, the mystery solving. Well to give you some background; the bedraggled team we have been following this short while are involved in a lengthly human experiment designed to ascertain the affect of stress on a team and whether it can be rebuilt in the face of disaster. Why you ask yourself would anyone do this? Large corporations need good teams, good teams have ups and downs and its the way they handle the downs that can make or break them. So the hypothesis is to see if ‘shocking’ a team who are trying to solve a problem can be brought together more effectively with the addition of an extra much larger problem.
Why are they in a gothic mansion you ask? Well 2 reasons, one why not? and two it adds atmosphere to the task at hand. Imagination can do two thirds of the work in increasing the intensity of the experience.
The house itself is largely staged, although the building is several hundred years old most of the contents is not. The weather does its own thing but seems to be inclined to be stormy the night of most ‘exercises’ making the whole process so much easier (difficult for something to be imposing and intimidating with sunny glades all around you).
Enough has been said now, until next time.

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