Mint Mocha Choc Chip

This is not a post, as you might think, about the drink Mint Mocha Choc Chip from Coffee #1 although it is most delicious and i will be having another. No this post is about the darkness and the mystery that is conjured by the taste and smell of the rich liquid passing through your lips.
So now down to business.
It was a dark and stormy night (typically English weather nothing out of the ordinary) as they pulled up the long drive way to the imposing gothic house. A well timed bolt of lightening brought the passengers back to reality with a jolt now very aware of the electrically charged air around the car they were sat in. As they all piled out the driver threw their things at them and sped off into the distance. Somewhat dismayed the group gathered up their now wet and muddy possessions and knocked on the predictably huge wooden door.
The door creaked open just an inch and the group were faced with a small elderly woman (clearly a housekeeper in the clique way she would be) “Yes?” she said peering out into the darkness of the night. “We are here to stay the night? Party of four under Dawson”. There was some thought about this and muttering fromĀ a different voice “Oh yes, come on in you must be drenched by now”, in truth they were, they were tired their patience was waining and in truth most of them wanted dinner, bath and bed. Although they knew this was not on the cards.
They stumbled in one by one trying not to get mud on the sweeping rugs festooned across the large wooden hallway floor, but it was inevitable, although the elderly woman seemed un-phased by the trail of mud and rain going across her immaculate hallway floor.
Once gathered in a line the woman addressed them. “Welcome to the Mochanheim Hall, you will be staying here one night, dinner is at 7:30pm and breakfast will be served at 8am sharp. Does anyone have any questions?” she looked at the bedraggled group, two men, two women possibly early thirties but it was difficult to tell these days, they looked as if they all wanted to be at home in their beds safe from the raging weather outside not in an unnerving gothic mansion in the middle of nowhere with lightening bolts landing randomly about the place. “No? Ok then you will all be on the first floor, there are two rooms you can decide your own sleeping arrangements” she pursed her lips whilst fixing them with a steely stare, she wondered if they knew yet.
To be continued in 3 parts.

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