When I think of the word purple it conjures so many thoughts, not just that its my favourite colour and that apparently it should never be seen with green (I beg to differ completely).

Purple is also known for being a very regal colour and signifies richness to some.

To me it has a more spiritual meaning it is calming as it reminds me of lavender and the darker the purple the more intense the feeling, it can help me focus my energies, hence why nearly every accessory I own is purple. It is familiar (being my favourite colour) and allows me to feel in control. This could be argued as some kind of transference but that’s for another post.

Purple is to many the colour which makes them feel special it surrounds them with its powerful aura, making them feel more powerful and independent.

Knowing that the combination of blue and red creates such a rich and luxurious refraction of the light which passes through our irises and into our brains.

Our blood can look almost purple when rich in oxygen and indeed skin turns purple in certain conditions which can be alarming but it merely shows that your body is trying to heal the damage which has been done.

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