If We Changed as Often as the Weather…

When you think about how often the weather changes, even just minutely, it is still constantly changing. For some changing constantly would not necessarily be a problem but for some of us (myself included) constant change however minute would be a proverbial nightmare.
Despite this, change should not be seen as a bad thing, in fact it is arguably the best thing for us for stagnation can cause complacency, which is only ever good if you don’t to go anywhere. Even those who don’t like change cant say that are truly happy with their lives and if they can honestly say they are then great be my guest and carry on but don’t complain when you realise you have been left behind by everyone around you.
I am sure that there are people out there who embrace constant change, we see them everyday in the news, companies, diasporic refugees, a butterfly flapping its wings. Whether it be negative or positive change it is still embraced. One could question whether we are forced and argue that we are in control of our lives and we can influence what happens, which it is true to a certain extent but those subject to so called ‘acts of god’, it cannot be fair to say that we have complete control over these things and prevent them from happening. Sure we could get into the environmental debate and that as the whole of humanity is responsible for our environment, but should the individual be punished for the supposed actions of humanity; conversely you could argue that through everyone loving and accepting themselves and work together to achieve a common goal of love and unity.
Anyway i digress, my argument for change (as an avid hater) is that we need it to progress. I would argue that one cannot complain and not make actions to change the things we don’t like, if you are not prepared to try and change then do not complain that things are not to your liking.
My opinions are my own, if you have any comments and criticism please leave them below.

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