Coffee chains

Coffee is am important part of the majority of western peoples lives. Consumed in large quantities it has caffeinated generations. We all have our favourite coffee house that we visit either regularly or for special treats and we choose them based on our own quirky criteria. Whether it be the blend of the coffee, the staff at the cafe or even the style of the cups most people have their own preference.
Personally i have quite a close relationship with my coffee and when loyalties change it can be hard, i left my coffee house for another after a string of silly mistakes…it felt like cheating for the first few times, then i settled in there were plenty of reasons why this place was better…then one day…i couldnt get to my usual place, the only option – go back to my old one…it felt like cheating with an ex!. I was discussing this experience with a friend afterwards, she feels as strongly as i do about coffee and agreed that she wouldnt tolerate it, its a weird and possibly slightly sad conversation to some but to us a slice of complete randomness in an otherwise boringly normal world.

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