Nomio & The Giant Teacake – Pt 6

It had been a while since she sat and had actually written something; to a certain extend she felt guilty as she remembered reading in articles the excuses that we make for not making time to write, and how often she complained about people saying “they dont have time to cook”…it was the same principle, same answer MAKE TIME.
Although arguably with cooking with was more of a necessity than writing, unless it were her sole source of income, in which case it would be the different as it would mean the difference between eating and not in some cases.
She paused to reflect on the last time that she wrote, it was over a week ago, not to say that nothing had happened to her in the last week that wasn’t notable however it was more the inspiration to put it into world to celebrate her gratefulness and achievements.
She found it a bit difficult to smile, the process of accepting change and praise still remained like an open wilderness, again not to say that she had never been praised she just found it hard to believe people, it was easier to be more negative than positive despite best efforts to take it on board and celebrate it.
Her business was slowly growing, she was ashamed to say largely not because she was marketing it but pleasingly it was through word of mouth and personal recommendations which was touching to say the least for her. `She was very aware though that she needed to form some kind of strategy which would bring more customers to her, she really liked the idea of a small group of people who wanted to learn together but it was a case of how to get the right attention, she was aware that a fair number of the market were not available on social media but she wondered if she could tap the sons and daughters mentioning it to their parents? It was an avenue she had to explore, she had nothing to lose and as they say the only way is up.
She was almost looking forward to spending time at her friends flat dog sitting, although she would have liked to not have to spend every evening there it did give her a bit of a break and a chance to think clearly, plus she quite liked the idea of an early morning walk providing the weather could keep itself together, the past few days had been miserable rain, wind and general disorder, not conducive to a good mood or improving the brewing headache which she had been battling for several days now. She was sure a walk in the morning would clear a few cobwebs, and secretly hoped that there wouldn’t be the usual battle with the harness as so often happened when Roxy was overexcited.

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