Nomio & The Giant Teacake Part 4

Silence, they say, is golden; Nomio was not entirely convinced that she believed it, for golden in her mind meant a warm positive glow, not something she generally experienced when sat in ‘silence’ in her study, noises emanating from the rest of the flat around her; but then she supposed that nowhere was truly ‘silent’.
Nomio sat pondering this whole thought process as she started to write her latest blog entry, concentration remained difficult, for she had been reading a book designed to help her achieve her goals which although exciting, made for some heavy reading material as she started to face fears and make a plan for the future.
She started nibbling on some sharon fruit she had prepared, all juicy and gooey, much better than the last lot, although the skins were tough she didnt mind particularly due to the bountiful stickiness on the inside. Her mind inevitably wandered through various avenues as the tiny noises which made up her flat and the hallway outside. Although heaven forbid people here the noises coming from the xplay360 war games sounded ugly just as war is ugly.
She started to wonder about seasons and fruit, for she knew that the sharon fruit season had ended and it did make her think about how Aidls had procured them to sell at 3 for £1 much to her delight.
Her Chirrup account had been quite active but steadily gaining followers at a reasonably slow rate, which interested her. She wondered the thought process behind the follow…was it random…was it suggested…was it based on merit of tweets? They all know about bots and accounts that have impossibly high numbers of followers and followings. Still it was encouraging to see people taking an interest.

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