Nomio & The Giant Teacake Pt 3

She shivered and she sat in her study with her arm resting lightly on the nearby radiator; confused she wondered how it could be that she was cold yet her hand was obviously resting on something hot…the cold hands were the strangest feeling, the achey cold feeling you get when you get cold hands defrosting the windscreen on a chilly morning. She shifted as se moved both hands onto the heat in the vain hope that something might give, but it was to little avail, she resolved that maybe typing would help increase the blood flow to her fingers and hopefully bring some life back into them as painful as they were. She knew why they were sore to a point (an hours wrestling with the sofa cushion cover produced a nasty graze and some general bruising/swelling but she had saved the sofa from ruin so it was worth it) but wondered if the cold was contributing, it was strange as her office was the warmest room in the house being the only one with the door and window closed, it comforted her for now, a space for her to think, read, write and try and plan her new career.

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