Nomio & The Giant Teacake

OneIMG_20150123_122616 day in the not to distant past Nomio was out and about in the mostly charming town of Wellingland. In between her appointments she stopped at the handily by cafe Beanz#Uno. She was undecided whether she could justify lunch with the unfortunate prices for a mere panini with crisps and a side salad, and then she saw them round and inviting looking up at her from the bakery basket in front of her; she looked at the price, that settled it a Teacake it was deciding against jam for fear of spillage. As she sipped her Hot Apple & Cinnamon and awaited eagerly the arrival of her giant teacake she pondered her morning, last session with her first 1-to-1 ICT service user, they had helped each other more than either of them could know, for that she was sure.
It had been a hectic past few weeks, some of it fruitless others life changing moments to be cherished forever. There had been frustrations of course, she was doing her best to be positive and grateful all of the time is not always as easy as it could be but reading and writing helped her and she tried to be mindful of things which troubled her and she dealt with them much better.
As her teacake arrived, she was aghast at the sheer size, she was sure she had never seen any that big anywhere…the size of a side plate and thick and fluffy, what more could a girl want on a Friday lunch time.
Thinking ahead to that afternoon she had one of her new SUs, she was lovely, and also a positive influence in many ways..inspirationally and in her encouragement. However she was quite a challenge, certain mental issues (which arguably could be entirely in her head) meant that she had to do CBT with her to even use her iFlyPad. As time was progressing though she was improving, they had moved past the “turning everything to do with it off” reaction when she received an email she didnt understand and she had even started writing a diary on it. The warm feeling Nomio got when she knew she was making a difference in someones life was comforting, it made her happy as well something she was not used to all of the time and she had become more and more grateful of the happiness as time went on.
Little did she know what the following week would hold.

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