And so…

As i arrived at the new volunteering session i have joined this morning i have to say i was a little apprehensive even though i already knew Andy who was the other volunteer running the session, it was the excitement of meeting new people, we only had one person turn up, a regular who we are helping to upload his videos on to youtube and he was lovely. As we whiled away the 2 hours i reflected on how much the town where i lived would benefit some kind of similar sessions and it gave me several good ideas for including in my plan which was very pleasing, it also gave me a chance to get my diary organised for work (no mean feat frankly) but it made me happy to see and allowed me to feel good in that moment.
Afterwards i had the fortune to go walking with my friend and her dog, culminating in a trip to town to sort rent payments etc (thrilling i assure you) still everything is a little step forward towards your goals.

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