Kicking off 2015

So the past month or so has been fairly eye opening and as such it has prompted me to make some of the changes i have been whining about over the last few posts.
There is a lot of work to be done but hopefully this will keep me motivated to achieve my goals.
Having been thinking about how best i achieve changing my monetary position it finally came to me one morning. Why could i not be paid for doing just what i was doing already? obviously not entirely the same as my volunteering role as frankly that encompasses so many things it would be impossible to create a workable job to include everything, plus i want to keep some things separate from the land of work.
So i have created myself a somewhat doctored version of my 1 to 1 volunteering role, i.e. digital training on various systems and hardware to enable someone to continue teaching and developing themselves. Also incorporating an element of webmastery by setting up websites and designing website and blogs for companies who want to start their presence on the internet, my dad has already recommended someone to me to contact regarding their website needs when his friend said she would have shopped more from the same shop if she had been able to order on the website. I dont intend to just march in there with this nugget of information but rather explain the benefits of an online presence and hopefully this will lead to me creating this for them and starting them off on their journey.
With this in mind i did get rather over excited and order myself some business cards to document my idea.
Frontfront web
I have also written some important goals down in my personal diary to fulfil, they may change slightly but i want to get on the right track to sorting out my sustainability. I can only ask of the universe and trust it will guide me through the right path.

If you would like to grab a copy of my book and support my writing it is available in both print and kindle version check out the links below. Donate to your favourite charity when you buy my book using Amazon Smile!


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