Christmas Soaps, Smells and all of that jazz

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    2 parts Basil 2 parts Lavender 2 parts Orange 1 part Rose Geranium with Petals
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    Equal parts Basil and Peppermint

Ironically Christmas doesn’t exist in our house, my sister is muslim and my parents are atheists so religion is largely at odds with a traditional Christmas, however due to innate familial traits to conform to tradition it has happened for many years mainly due to my grand parents (my sister has only been converted 4 years).
This makes the fact that i spend money and slave away at homemade presents every year even more bizarre, it makes me wonder why we feel the need to do Christmas? Is it peer pressure? Nonetheless we seem to fall for it every year despite saying “well we will try and keep it low-key next year” and yet we don’t.
As my dads birthday is christmas eve there is and always will be a party at christmas however it should be for him alone not sharing it with some other special day and i’m sure lots of people who have birthdays on christmas or new year feel the same.
Despite my rambling complaints, i have just spent today making different scented soaps, mixing essential oils and using the melt and pour goats milk soap as a base, i plan to pair them with a washcloth and some other homemade bathroom goods and possibly some truffles and biscuits handmade of course, the nicest thing about making presents is seeing the reaction of the people you are giving to and for me thats all I need to feel happy and satisfied that i’ve done well.
The mind boggles as to why we do what we do when Christmas comes along, the more horrifying thought is consumerism will take over as it has now already, perfect example being the introduction of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” to the UK. All i ask is one question? Why? We were fine without them before and now we have reduced ourselves to an embarrassment on youtube for all to see, its one thing to say times are hard but they are even harder when you are spending money you haven’t got.
Anyway enough of my complaining, its been a whirlwind here over the past few weeks with my volunteering and new tattoos and all kinds of other stuff. Not to mention the annoyance of my internet and various other pieces of technology not being the most reliable but with various purchases and some rewiring i seem to be back on the road to working and hopefully ill get back into a better rhythm of posting again.

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