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calligraphyA random free writing post mainly due to the failing of my internet, so i used Pages for iOS to write this piece

Whilst its frustrating to have creativity hampered, we must remember there was a time before the internet!

Todays post is under the guise of “free-writing” i wanted to write, my internet failed losing my prompts page – answer write a piece “Offline” (gasp!). whilst it is easy to sit and curse about the lack of internet facilities we should always remember that there was a time before all of this technology and we managed perfectly well didn’t we? Its one thing to keep in touch but the situation we find ourselves in is far deeper, we are obsessed with sharing our lives and watching other people. Now im not saying that this is a bad thing i enjoy greatly the art of people watching but there is a certain Parade-esque style which has now been adopted subconsciously by us all. We post updates on our lives we wait avidly for people to comment on our thoughts/hopes/dreams/new outfit, and yet what does it achieve? we have self-affirmation via external influences but should we not be able to know that we are amazing and happy and pure without the need for someone else intervening? Please understand that i do not mean this is as criticism and it is a wonderful feeling knowing you are surrounded by people who love you and protect you but they are not there all the time so arguably that means that we should be more “emotionally self-sufficient” for want of a better phrase.

I should talk about the picture linked to this post…whilst i was waiting for the computer to decide if it was going to work i got my calligraphy set out and wrote a short message in my book, i was surprised to discover that when you take a picture with photo booth it turns the writing backwards????

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