By Hand

DSC_0100Todays prompt By Hand for me is an interesting one, having an artist sister and many artistic friends i have only received a few handmade gifts interestingly (other than edible goodies which would not be long lasting).
I have chosen a picture my sister painted for my birthday once whilst she was going through a very troubled time i will always cherish it because of the care and attention to detail she took. Using a combination of sequins and paint she created these beautiful fish which rest on my hallway wall, its the first picture you see as you come through my front door because i am truly proud to have it on my wall.
CAM00011I am incapable of choosing just one picture as every piece of artwork i own i love and if i could i would have everything on the walls all of the time but as such this is not always possible.
I love this particular piece because my friend designed and made it especially for me, he has a matching one in red. The detail created by the paintwork is mind-blowing and the use of my favourite colours means so much to me

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