Climbing hills, Successful Posters and Dribbling…

Well the past week or so has been fairly eventful in a weird way…
A week ago today i went to the dentist as i had been summoned for a check up (unusual as i normally go once every couple of years) after x-rays and some poking around it was established that “shock horror” i needed a filling for me this was a bit of a blow as i have had nothing done to my teeth apart from wisdom teeth removal, so at the age of thirty as the receptionist put it “you’ve been very lucky up until now” (i agree with her although muttered knowing i will be presented with a large bill the following week for the cost of my luck) So onward home with the shame of the thought of a filling looming the following week.
By the¬†weekend i had¬†every intention of actually spending saturday writing although thats not quite how it transpired, i ended up going on an adventure to the Quantocks walking with my friend and her dog. I have posted pics of the woods we walked through and the pretty stream but unfortunately i couldnt get the lighting right for the pictures from the top of the hills, the light was just too unforgiving which is a complete shame as the view was totally beautiful…still i must take another opportunity to go and try again!!

After the success of the weekend i went to work in fairly high spirits having managed to sort out printing problem and produce a poster which my manager deemed “perfect” and the success continued when my colleague managed to persuade someone to sign up to volunteer as she was offering the poster to them for their shop so that was fantastic news, i am now in the process of arranging a recruitment event within Glastonbury so hopefully the Mencap Glastonbury group will have some new volunteers very shortly!!! It truly makes me feel good to know that i am helping and making a difference in the community.
So now we are a week on and my filling has been completed (hence the dribbling reference as for some reason having a filling was more difficult than having wisdom teeth out) Im sore and a little cranky but hopefully that will pass..the dentist was so pleased with his work he cant even see where he did the filling (not that anyone would want to look that carefully…mind you)

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