Once again to Glastonbury and the Meaning of Avalon

“Avalon, island to which Britain’s legendary king Arthur was conveyed for the healing of his wounds after his final battle. It is first mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae (c. 1136), while the same author’s Vita Merlini (c. 1150) described it as “the island of apples [‘Insula pomorum’], called fortunate.” It was ruled by the enchantress Morgan le Fay and her eight sisters, all of them skilled in the healing arts.”

(cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica)

As you know Glastonbury is a place close to my heart having grown up and gone to school quite close to there, but it never fails to surprise and amaze whenever i go there. For many years i have wondered what the name Avalon means (for the life of me ive no idea what took me so long to look it up) however my curiosity peaked today and i remembered to check it on the internet once i got home (see above quote).

It was not entirely to my surprise that Avalon relates to the times of King Arthur as i learnt much about this from school and parents as a child and i have always been aware that the lay-lines which run through Glastonbury and the Tor have many healing properties and why in my opinion it is such a relaxing place even when its busy on halloween/last friday of half-term.

Although i had no idea of its connections with apples but i guess it would make perfect sense due to Somersets link with cider….


Of course no trip to Glastonbury is complete without a trip to the crystal man and a raiding of the 50p treasure box got some lovely ones although my friend managed to do even better….

After a trip to the charity shops and much success with both a scarf and a cardigan it was back home through various chaotic traffic jams.


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