RALPH ALLIN QUARTET – Friday Night Jazz Violin with my Dad

So, one of my other passions is music as you may have guessed already. I haven’t been to a concert/gig in a while really so when dad suggested i came along to some jazz at the local answers i was hesitant but interested. Plus it gave me an excellent excuse to see my mum for dinner before i met him (as she has been away for the last 3 weeks pretty much)
Dinner was delicious mum made my favourite: Apple and Walnut Salad followed by Chicken wrapped in parma ham and stuffed with garlic herb cheese with gnocchi and spinach and to finish home made coffee ice cream nom nom nom.
After my dad failing to inform me he was sat in side already as i arrived there was a certain amount of hanging round outside before i was eventually retrieved but no matter.
The Meeting House is a converted church and a beautiful space, i have watched it be slowly transformed over the last 15 years as and when funding permits. They do well with the range of activities provided.
I was slightly dubious when the introducer advised that he hadn’t heard much of the bands work and all he really knew was that they work on big cruise ship liners.
This must have planted an unfortunate seed in my dads head as they launched into Brahms Hungarian Gypsy Dance number 5 (brought back memories of my grandmother who died last year) and proceeded to go through a bizarre array of jazz and show tunes.
PANO_20141010_204458 (1)The musicians themselves were very talented but unfortunately i think the talking in between and the choice of songs detracted their abilities a little too much.
At the interval dad announced that he was off and i gratefully slipped away back to my flat to watch netflix and reflect on the evening.

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