Writing 101: Day 14 Your Voice Will Find You

Ironically this has already happened to me!
When i was a child my parents had a house in France (my dad has sadly just sold it) it was in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. One of the nearest small towns/largest village used to have a music festival every august bank holiday weekend. It was my sister and i’s favourite part of spending the summer in France.
Starting at 2pm in the afternoon and carrying on until late over the long weekend, the concerts were free between 6 and 7 in the evening and there was lots of things to do and see, art exhibitions, face painting and all kinds of other events and like i said it was the highlight of our visit.
As we grew older and less interested in spending the whole summer with our parents we stopped going to France so much, when i was about 18 the festival suddenly stopped due to lack of attendance and funding much to my dismay. I was somewhat distraught as if i had known i would have loved to have gone one last time.
A few years later i thought about “La Croche et La Lune” and thought id look up and see if they ever managed to bring it back, to my delight they had! Unfortunately it was being sponsored by some non-descript organisation who seemed to have little interest in music, all of the hippie/country/festival vibe which was so important to us as children had disappeared, not only that but they had spread it all over the local area (not a problem but it meant travelling all over the place in the car due to the vastness of the countryside it detracts from the community feel of the festival)
I hope that one day they will beable to restart on their own as i really feel that many children are missing out holiday experiences.

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2 Responses

  1. That’s a shame. It seems if they have spread it over a very wide area they are trying to get the local economy involved and assist them in making money. Do you think?

  2. onlynomes says:

    I guess so yes, i understand that its good for boosting the economy god knows france needs it but it kinda ruins the original sentiment of the festival hopefully they will try and bring it back together in the future, on the upside the village did benefit from a new posh village hall for art exhibits etc so its not all bad 🙂

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