Blogging 101: Day 12 Challenge

Admittedly this is a slightly ‘late’ submission but this is because it got me thinking about how i can interpret this prompt. Since blogging is about being a community i take inspiration from my own local writing group.
Writers Anon – Tauntons Writing Group
Peter / 12/09/2014
“You have left your homeland with your family and several others in a fleet of ships. You land on what appears to be an empty and fruitful land.
How would you and your family adapt? Or would you try and live as you did in your old land? Would your community survive or like the Greenland Vikings would your civilisation eventually fade away?
Write the first day in the new land, the ecstasy, fear and relief at reaching your ‘promised land’ but what do you do now?”
Day One 
We arrived late last night so it was unclear as to the state of the island we had found, the dawn broke at 6am according to my watch, as the rose it was evident that we had stumbled on something akin to a mini paradise.
I looked across the rolling green fields and a forest to the right. I turn to my family who are stood beside me and say “i think we will be ok”; unfortunately my family are a little less optimistic, my sister pipes up “what will we do for food?” i turn to her “well i’m sure we can grow our own, i’m sure the forrest will have fruits nuts and berries to keep us going and we can make cooking utensils from the wood”
We had set sail 3 days ago (several boats escaping an apocalyptic style home to which we could no longer return) the further we went the more anxious people became to settle somewhere, we eventually were nearly shipwrecked due to the rocks protecting the island but the ships were mainly unharmed.
“Right” i saw decisively and turning to the rest of the group “the best thing we can do is explore as much as possible and try and formulate a plan, we intend our civilisation to continue not to fade and die, we will need to work together to rebuild our lives and share out bounty with one another”
There was a nod of agreement and general muttering of agreement.
As we all dispersed across the island (it was quite large but for the stronger more athletic of us possible to walk across in one day) people started looking for places to make proper homes rather than the crude shelters we had made the night before. As the day went on you could see little developments of communities all and there was general laughter and merriment by the evening time.
We still have a long way to go and people are apprehensive of the future but this place is our home now we must make it work.

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    Great blog and awesome post. Love the story and you left me wanting to read more. 🙂

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