Writing 101: Day 13 Challenge

When i lost my Nanna it was very hard to accept that she was gone, it took me time to realise that although she wasn’t there fore me anymore she was still with me looking down from where ever she had gone. It was hard to know what to do with the legacy that she left, but then i realised something, she always wanted me to be myself and i decided that was my mission. To find myself.
It’s fair to say that i am still in the process of finding myself but it doesn’t change the fact that this is now my mission. So the something i have found is me.
To find yourself is probably the most difficult thing to do, some people are so sure of themselves others are not. I am one of those people. Although i have known since my college days that what i want to do is to work in marketing, if i had the option without a doubt it would be within the music industry, retrospectively i think had i been more driven and not so confused when i made my university choices then this would have been reflected in the qualifications that i did and really i only have myself to hold accountable for this.
The problem i had was that when i was at college i was confused about how i would go about making a career in the music industry and even though i bought books and did lots of research, the more i delved the more it put me off. I now know that i should have been true to myself and pushed myself to truly follow my dreams.
10 years on i am now on a mission, i am in the process of re-kindling my passion for life and marketing by volunteering, hopefully this will be the beginning of a new me and the rediscovery of my true goals.

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  1. Carter Vail says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are a natural flow to your writing and I enjoyed reading it! Good luck!

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