Writing 101: Day 8 Challenge

As i sit in the cafe of my local museum, which is set in a castle (of sorts) made of local stone, i am struck by the variety of people that pass through in the thoroughfare, the inside part of the cafe in comparison with the reception of the museum feels somewhat cramped despite the pale colours used in an attempt to keep the room light; a stark contrast however to the outside section in the courtyard which is bathed in september sunlight and a gentle breeze passes through.
The local school children rushing around the squeaky floor in their luminous jackets being chased by exasperated teachers trying to keep them calm and quiet long enough for them to learn from the exhibits.
The local students in the military section wandering aimless whilst they try and focus in the dim light on relevant artefacts to their ill-prepared projects.
In the cafe i am surrounded by groups of people, book groups convening to discuss their latest read, pensioners sitting and reminiscing about the old times and several mothers struggle with wriggling toddlers who are anxious to obtain gifts from the gift shop (no matter how many pens/pencils/sharpeners they already have)
The curators strut around greeting people with an eager ‘good morning’ in the hope to encourage donations to their cause.
As i lower my gaze over my coffee i see a tall good looking man walk in, he has a rugged/hippy student look about him but despite his height he stoops as if somewhat submissive. Entranced by his entrance i start to wonder all the things girls do when they see someone beautiful…Whats he like? Is he single? what does he do? I blush as he meets my gaze from across the room and smiles as he walks past me, i take a quick sip of my coffee in the hope of composing myself, but for a moment i feel like i am the only one in the room, enthralled for a moment i falter nearly dropping my cup. My only regret is i didn’t introduce myself and i don’t know his name; but as they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrey Lychik says:

    I like the general overview of the area and how you jump focus from one person to the next. But you only write a single long sentence for each group of people. Try to break those up. Great read though, thanks for sharing

  2. kaygy says:

    Reading this took me on a journey. i actually gasped at the line where you almost dropped your cup ;). Thanks for carrying me along with this piece.

  3. onlynomes says:

    Thanks Andrey 🙂 yes i have to say i still struggle a bit with punctuation (tend to write a bit how i speak hence the lack of fullstops) to me it feels a little bit like i woke up half way through it seemed a little clunky reading the beginning part again.
    Thankies Kaygy – i seem to be getting a bit more confident everyday with these writing courses hopefully ill be writing even better pieces by the end 😀

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