Writing 101: Day 7 Challenge

Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.
You remember the people who actually used to like writing ‘compare and contrast’ essays? Yup thats me guilty as charged…So as you can tell today i am quite a happy bunny the only challenge was to write in dialogue format as that is a newish concept for me so here goes:
Sarah and John were standing in the kitchen at work on a break, the discussion this morning fell to tea, a bizarre topic but one that had been annoying Sarah for sometime, not because she didn’t like tea but the way John made it; they had previously joked about this conversation and the pompousness of the British but today the discussion took a different turn, there was clearly more to the argument than met the eye.
“It sounds horribly complicated” he said standing staring out of the office window at the river.
“well trust me its not as complicated as you would think” she said looking at him strangely.
“But i don’t understand why should i put the milk in after the water?” he said looking confused and frustrated.
“Because it tastes better!” she said rolling her eyes at him.
“So you mean to say i have to change the way i make tea just because you say so?” he said angrily.
“Not because i say so but for the good of tea!” She said laughing a little frustrated at the turn this conversation was taking (you would have thought she was asking him to change his whole life by the reaction she got). Relenting a little she looked at him and asked “are you ok John? you don’t seem like yourself today”
He shrugged “I guess I am, sorry for the snapping i just think its a ridiculous thing to be that bothered about”
“I guess?” Sarah queried “I guess doesn’t sound so sure, is there anything you want to talk about? We have know each other a long time now its difficult for you to hide things from me…”
“Life just isn’t what i expected anymore…” he sighs and stares out the window again distracted by a red balloon passing over the river
“How so?” said Sarah feeling like this conversation may be a lot deeper than she imagined.
“Well we are all meant to have a certain number of ‘things’ by a certain age, at least society dictates we do and i seem to be lacking” he looked forlorn
Sarah smiled softly at him “Well society is not always right, you know that yourself and besides if you want the things you are lacking then you will surely receive them in time, but that is only if you truly want them, as they say all good things come to those who wait”
“I know” John said “Its just quite difficult for me because i thought these things would just happen in time, like one thing unlocks another and another”
“Well thats the difference between you and me John, i understand that these things don’t come automatically, however i only know this because i learnt the hard way, as will you, happiness comes from within it is not created but felt and nurtured within” said Sarah
John looked confused “happiness comes from within? what kind of rubbish is that?”
“Well i mean that only you can be happy for you, you cant buy happiness you have to look within you and ask ‘what really makes me happy?’ and i can almost guarantee that things that make you happy are the things that you say you are lacking, only you can help yourself, i cant sit here and profess to know what makes you happy because i don’t know what you think you are lacking in your life.”
John goes quiet clearly thinking about Sarah’s last comment
“I think you are right, i hadn’t really thought about it like that, i just assumed that because everyone else has these things that it just came to them, I just assumed that people were luckier than me” said John as they walked back to their desks.
So as you can see discussions of tea always lead to discussions about other things, the next day John came into the office looking somewhat happier in himself and Sarah felt good that she had helped someone see things a little better.

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