An Interesting Week: Part 1

So this week i started the blogging101 and writing101 courses here on WordPress. The courses came at the perfect time as i have been looking at doing exactly this type of course but unfortunately it cost quite a lot of money which has been putting me off making a decision to book it and do it (it also didn’t seem to have quite such a widespread selection of people to ask for support and bounce ideas off)┬áIt has been great being able to interact and discuss things with such a large number of diverse and interesting people from all around the world.
As i sit here tapping away and trying to improve my confidence in my free writing the sun is shining and a breeze is running through the flat i still struggle somewhat to let the words flow…by all accounts its a beautiful day which inspires me to carry on and try and convey the feelings i have experienced this week whilst doing the writing prompts.
I knew this was not going to be easy when i started it, although i do enjoy writing it is not the easiest task for me and i struggle between a quest for perfection and a difficulty in translating my thoughts into words. However this does not stop me from trying to improve my skills and confidence.
Some of the prompts took very little time and at all, and some were definitely a challenge, for instance the brevity challenge by far took me the longest as, in my mind, i struggled to keep it as concise as i would have liked but none the less the sense of achievement when i had completed the task made me feel very good and i hope to continue to enjoy the more challenging prompts even more as i continue through the course.

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