Writing 101: Day 5 Challenge

It was lying nestling in the grass slightly crumpled; brightly coloured writing paper embossed with Japanese children’s characters.
DSC_0042It was a letter addressed to a father written by a young child (the scrawled writing signified as much) i read the letter by the end tears in my eyes moved by the significance of the letter. It asked why wont you come home? Clearly this was a child separated from their father for some reason (there was no indication as to why he went away)
Remembering back to when my own parents divorced it brought a few feelings to the forefront of my mind which i had never felt before, a sudden desire for my parents to get back together was a silly one as we all knew why not.
From the way the letter lay on the ground the it looked like it had been discarded in anger…but why? struggling with this concept i was distant and distracted for the rest of the day, presumably the person the letter was intended for had cared in some capacity otherwise why discard it? Unless someone else found and read it and thrown away hoping the intended recipient never found it or maybe the wind blew it away? I look around to see if there is anyone about incase it had not long been abandoned but there was no one to be seen…What was i to do? No evidence of a recipient and no address to help me. Casting around i tried to think of a solution to my problem; to me it didn’t seem right to put it back where i found it but i couldn’t very well just take it with me…with no envelope either it really was a quandary. Feeling slightly powerless i folded the letter neatly and put it on the wall nearest me, maybe someone else will find it and return it to the right person.

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  1. I like the way you relate the letter to a personal experience. Very effective. 🙂

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