Blogging 101: Day 4 Challenge

To define a dream reader to me is difficult, i mean i could say that i want some fantastic person who has the job of my dreams to offer at their finger tips based on what they have read and obviously speaking to me, i could say that my friends would be my dream readers..after all they know me and i love them right? But then again maybe not, especially if i am ranting…it rarely ends well for me.
So in answer to this i have decided to write with people who are genuinely interested in what the topic i have chosen, you can tell because at some point you will stop reading and leave the page to find something else to read…
Now that i have your attention, i would like to talk about my decision to volunteer.
It has been interesting telling people that i am going to volunteer…so many look at me slightly strangely as if its necessary to be paid for your time; i cant disagree with this as unfortunately money does make the world go round.
Having had my DBS check with one of the people from the office i am now even more excited at the prospect, i have longed to have some proper marketing experience and now hopefully this is my chance to actually get on and do what i set out to do when i went to university 11 years ago.
So my question to you my dear reader…[polldaddy poll=8316749]
Now the answers to the poll may seem a little harsh but really there is no way you could make it sound good to be uncharitable surely? It is so much more rewarding to give than to receive which is why i hope that sharing my time helping people and learn some new skills whilst doing it i will happily give up my time.

If you would like to grab a copy of my book and support my writing it is available in both print and kindle version check out the links below. Donate to your favourite charity when you buy my book using Amazon Smile!


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