Writing 101: Day 3 Challenge

Commit to a Writing Practice
Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?
For me choosing my favourite songs is like a mother choosing their favourite child (surely this is not possibly) however choosing the most important songs in my life is a different question all together, as things that are important are not necessarily your favourite!
Growing up music was a very important part of my life, my parents took me to lots of live music, opera, ballet and even the odd small festival. My father had a record player and many vinyl records to play mostly blues, folk, rock from the 60s and 70s but this didn’t matter to me, to this day there are songs that we used to listen to on that record player that will take me straight back to that room just by listening to it.
Which brings me nicely on to my first song which is ‘Blue’ by Joni Mitchell to me one of the most powerful songs of the last 50 years, to others probably not; Joni’s vocals are haunting on this record and the tiny crackle on the vinyl only serves to intensify the music. To me this song symbolises long hot summers in France with my family, playing cards in the garden and other happy times. Even after my parents divorced we still went to the house in France for the whole summer (my parents just split the time down the middle) and so the song continued to bring me a sense of happiness and stability; almost a constant in my world, being that i listened to a lot of music you need to appreciate the importance of listening to certain songs.
The second song is in many respects a bit of a cheat is my breakup song (everyone has one and lets face it it is important. For me Eyeless by Slipknot is the song that got me through a fair number of breakups, from the age of 16 my absolute favourite band has to be Slipknot and to this day they hold a very special place in my heart for so many reasons, many a good time had, many a time shared and treasured. The lead singer says that the song was written after he met a homeless person who was chanting it over and over (You can’t see California without Marlon Brandos Eyes) a slightly weird if touching story i have always thought.
Song three Utopia by Goldfrapp – important because it has several meanings to me, it has been played at several funerals that i have had the misfortune to go to (lives taken too early from us i believe). To me the title itself sparks discussion regarding the definition of a utopia as for many its very different but for very it is the same, now that is not to say that our views are not similar but when you get down to the details most things start to unravel. It is also a beautifully calming song which washes over you as you listen to it.

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