Writing 101: Day 2 Challenge

There are so many places i could and would like to be transported to at this very moment, however as i have to choose a specific place then it would have to be the Aye Simon reading room in the Guggenheim museum in New York, it was designed with the key of learning in mind, for instance its shaped like a keyhole to signify the key to knowledge.
Its a tiny room situated on the stairs about half way up the building, there is nothing more than a table and chairs and a bookcase inside as it is for people to read and contemplate (at least thats how i imagine it) i can see people taking books and pieces of art in there to appreciate them away from the noise of the city and the bustle of the museum.
Personally i think it would be an amazing spaces to write in purely from the imagination perspective as you could completely clear your mind and not be distracted for some long time.
When i first visited in 2005 i was fascinated by the whole museum and even more delighted to find this room, at the time i swore that if i was to disappear to anywhere it would be to here if only so i could hide from the chaos of the world; now i feel like its an inspirational space to be appreciated not to run and hide in; you are surrounded by one of the most prestigious art spaces in the world and that in itself speaks volumes.

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