Writing 101: Day 1 Challenge

Hi im Nomes
Nice to meet you…
Im currently on my belated gap year which means i now have plenty of time to discover the things i enjoy and the things i don’t and also to develop the skills that i have missed out honing whilst working in jobs that i didn’t particularly like or find challenging/fulfilling.
So i joined writing 101 in order to try and help me focus my mind on writing, i really enjoy it but its not something that comes naturally to me…
For instance i can be sat writing and then something will distract me and ill be off….then the writing stops for a while, not helpful when you are trying to build your confidence and improve your skills; i suspect that this is largely to do with my short attention span but this is something that i am trying to work on.
For me writing without thinking is not the easiest of things as school drummed it into our heads that we had to write ‘about something’ there was little in the way of opportunities to write something that we chose…sure there were options for questions on essays but that is hardly being allowed to create your own work is it?
Whilst i hope to improve my writing generally this course for me is about improving my communication, i don’t really write stories in the traditional sense although in my blog entries i try and keep a narrative going to interest the reader and no one can say that there life isn’t a story one way or another…mine i suspect slightly more than most but that is something for another time…
As the minutes tick by it strikes me that writing comes more naturally than i think although its safe to say that the writers block does enjoy jumping in every so often to slow the process down, but not thinking too much about it means that the words flow far quicker than if i sit down and actually think about something too specific, its like my subconscious is writing for me, now as good as this is its not terribly practical for writing marketing documents but the process of taking a subject and half keeping it in mind rather than concentrating on it should make it much easier to write accessible pieces for people rather than an overly stuffy traditional opinionated document.
Writing about my travelling is something that has taken me some time to get used to as i have had to learn to write about myself all over again, previously i have felt it fatuous and arrogant to write about my achievements but i see now that other people don’t see it this way and in fact they are interested in me and my journey through life, so hopefully as time goes on i can share more and more with my readers for them to enjoy.
Any feedback or suggestions which people would like to give are most welcome as I have little concept of how ‘good’ my writing is.

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