The North Somerset Coast – A Forgotten Gem

10665163_1543641662538225_7248820794203512871_nWhen mum messaged me earlier in the week to ask if i wanted Sunday lunch in Porlock this week because she had left her jacket there the night before i agreed on the basis that i was meant to see her anyway at some point this just happened to be an interesting change.
I had forgotten how long and winding the 10599166_1543641762538215_3063882466025361139_n
road is up to Minehead and meandering along the coast down to Porlock Weir, and what beautiful countryside you have to pass through…it makes the journey significantly more bearable in my opinion.
Due to several wardrobe malfunctions (and an incorrect weather forecast) this morning it unfortunately meant that i was not dressed appropriately for the cold wind which was blowing along the seafront however this was not a huge failure as i purchased a very nice scarf to take the chill off.10615977_1543641715871553_5117101376262365120_n
We headed into The Cafe for lunch and were placed at a window table with a beautiful view of the bay which was an absolute treat, it was fortunately warmer inside as well.
Roast Beef on the menu and it was no brainer frankly after my coffee to warm me up. It arrived with the tallest Yorkshire puddings i’ve seen in a while and was excellent right down to the potatoes. Possibly against better judgement i opted for the creme brulee as 10698529_1543641742538217_548200497650816904_nwell which was frankly greed on my part, but you have to live a little some times!
Had the weather been a bit kinder and we been more warmly dressed we both agreed we would have gone for a walk along the beach unfortunately it turns out that neither of us managed to dress warmly enough so we headed on back to Taunton in lieu of nothing else to do.10527795_1543641689204889_700365366739638820_n

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  1. trablog says:

    Beautiful place. I wish I could enjoy a bigger picture 🙂

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