About Nomes’ Writing

A full and varied life has given Naomi many different experiences over the years. She travelled to foreign countries from a young age with her parents who encouraged her to explore the world when she left home. Naomi completed a BA in International Business giving her the base skills that have been key to her roles in marketing over the years.

Her father spent time teaching her to shop for good ingredients and encouraged her to learn how to use them. Naomi’s passion for food has inspired her to compile two recipe books, the first to change people’s perception of good food and the second to encourage people to share their love of food with others, whether it be friends, family or acquaintances.

Writing has always been a way for Naomi to channel her creativity and she always hopes that her writing has helped others in the process. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, she writes a blog post every day to practice her skills. She is now seeking the heady heights of the International Bestseller lists. Naomi is currently in the process of editing her first novel which she will be publishing before the end of the year 2020.

A Collection of Recipes to Change Your Perspective on Food is available via Amazon in print or on kindle.

Sharing Food Something For Everyone is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble